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Original Painting, Ready to ship

Materials : Acrylic on Canvas and Gold leaves, 40x30 cm



I imagine frost and cold and dark and rainy weather, mountain winter kingdom outside of a chalet, while inside, in a cozy warm salon decorated with love and heated by a charming fireplace it is comfortable and safe, so that the tender and fragile ambiance is blooming together with this flower fantasy.



Gold, Iridescent Violet, Rose, Titanium White, Ochre



November 2020, at my atelier in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, France



It is made using the aquarelle techniques (dripping and splashing), with 2 types of gold leaves, iridescent colors and texture volumes to focus on certain objects like white flower petals.

Artist quality acrylic paints, stretched back stapled cotton canvas, unframed. Sides are painted with continued colors, no frame required.

Artwork is signed & dated on the back.

It goes along with the original Certificate of Authenticity and Author Rights registration via blockchain.

Flowers fantasy

210,00 €Price
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