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Dear Yulia, 


Thank you so much for our paintings.  We are very happy and the children are so impressed.  I would recommend one of Yulia's paintings to parents of even young children.  The colours and textures are so vibrant that a child's imagination is sparked immediately.  They are also quite robust so that when a child touches, admires and carries around their painting, it won't be damaged.  The canvas is very well mounted on the wooden frame and the side edges painted, meaning they are ready to hang with no extra effort or expense. 

Bravo encore!




Niamh Ryan, France

Wow! I love this painting because of the many colours. I love multicolour paintings. 

I want to hang it in my bedroom because it is very pretty.  It is a painting of a boy and girl pink flamingo friends.



Wow! I love lighthouses and, in this painting, I can see the waves crashing on the rocks and the light shining on the sea.  I would like to live in the house and sleep at the upstairs window. I will hang this painting in the hallway so that all visitors to our house will see it as soon as they come in.


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