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Original Painting, Ready to ship

Materials: Oil on linen canvas, 40x40 cm

My romantic memories of the most beautiful historical and mystical city St. Petersburg and its many colorful gorgeous cathedrals.

It is made using my personal creative author technique of sculpturing the image from oil of different tones and nuances with palette knife in colorful pieces, kind of oil mosaic.

Cadmium Red Light, Indigo, Mars Brown, Orange, Yellow Ochre, Yellow Lemon, Blue Cerulean, Alizarine, Ultramarine, Titanium White

September 2020, at my atelier in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, France

100% Palette knife, the impasto with Artist quality oil paints on stretched back stapled linen canvas, unframed.

Painting is signed on the front and dated on the back.

Canvas sides are painted in the colours of the background, does not require a frame. 

It goes along with the original Art Certificate of Authenticity and Author Rights registration via a blockchain. Invoice provided on demand. 

Isaac's cathedral at sunset

240,00 €Price
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